NorCal Regionals: Pokkén Tournament DX


Pokkén Tournament is back at NCR 2018!

This year, we're planning to crowdfund a pot bonus with great incentives for players interested in the event. Details below!

At the end of March, NorCal Regionals returns in Sacramento! While Pokkén Tournament is not a main event, it has the opportunity to be hosted as a community run side event. At a low venue fee of $25 (processing fees not included), anyone can come by and play at the friendly setups. Add an additional $5, and you'll be registered for the actual bracket competition!

Because the venue is prioritizing space per event based on the number of entrants, roughly six community events will be hosted at the venue. Entrant count is paramount! You can register here!

But let's raise the stakes...

NCR 2017 featured a $1000 pot bonus for Pokkén Tournament for the WiiU. While that pot bonus isn't returning, we will be raising community funds and offer to return the favor for your generosity! As a sign of gratitude, we will fly out NA players by community vote to the event. If the pot bonus reaches:

  • $500 - One NA player will be flown to NCR
  • $1000 - Three NA players will be flown to NCR

Note that none of the pot bonus funds will be used for flight purchases; flights will be paid out-of-pocket from the TO, meaning that your donations will be matched once the pot reaches $500!

To allow time for proper voting, the $500 goal must be met by March 1st, and the $1000 goal must be met by March 10th, when voting will close. The poll will be decided by single-transferable vote, in order to prevent the community from pooling their votes in an arms race of two people.

To donate for the pot bonus, click here!

We look forward to seeing you at NCR!